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Birdie Hairband

The Birdie headband is a leather covered metalband. You can choose the lace like design with one of the beautiful contrast colours or the always stylish black. The metal headband can be adjusted a bit in size by bending the headband. Size of the headband is 38 x 1 cm and the lace design is 8 x 9,5 cm. The hairband fits well for adults and children over 5 years old.

The product is available either in entirely black leather or as a combination of black and coloured leather. For example the green alternative is mainly made of black leather but has details of green leather. Please check the pictures!

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The Birdie Collection is made of Swedish chrome free leather with high ecological standards. The material comes from Humbugi's collaborator, Finnish saddle chair company Salli Systems. The excess leather from Salli's production is sent from their factory in Rautalampi to Humbugi's studio in Tampere, where it is used to create Birdie Collection's sustainable jewelry and accessories.